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To promote stewardship, facilitate communication, and build partnerships across the watershed. 


A sustainable, high quality Little Miami watershed for people and wildlife, now and in the future. 

The Little Miami Watershed Network is working to speak for the river and protect her for years to come. Can we count on you to support our mission?


Since 2010, we’ve pulled out more than 28,500 pounds of trash and more than 1,000 tires from the river. We’ve worked to keep the river clean and sustainable. We’ve told her story and represented her voice, passionately working to welcome the community and protect her future. 


Stand with us. Lend your voice to the cause. Help us speak for the river.

Visit SpeakForTheLittleMiami.org for more information. 

"I grew up here, but spent most of my youth as a fishing guide in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota. For the past 40 years, I find myself on the banks of the Little Miami (Jacoby Road launch off Clifton Road) at least a couple times a week…just to shake off the city and fool myself into thinking I’m in the wild. It’s my personal Fountain of Youth!"      Jim Vangrov, Montgomery County ​

LMWN would be delighted to give a presentation to your organization. We are now giving presentations over ZOOM as well!


Please email info@lmwn.org for more information and schedule your presentation today!

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