2021 Events


C20 4 H2O Hike
The hike from Corwin to Oregonia took place on a lovely November day with 30 people showing up to learn more about the Little Miami River corridor and enjoy a few hours of camaraderie. Participants were given coffee and donuts before the hike. During the hike they learned about the significance of the river corridor and the history of the area.

We wish to thank RiversEdge for their shuttle service, Ohio Scenic Rivers Program for their nature guidance, Tonic True Nature for their welcoming chilli and art exhibit at Oregonia, and all the LMWN volunteers and supporters who helped make this day a perfect hike on the Little Miami State Park Trail.





LMWN is making plans for the 2022 season.  We have many great events lined up. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, the communities they live in, and our corporate supporters in helping make our events for 2021 a great success.

We are always available to give a presentation to your organization, and this year we can do it over ZOOM too. Please contact us at info@lmwn.org.


2022 Events


Creek Clean Up August 2022

We had 4 groups tackle 4 creeks that flow into the Little Miami River in August.  They pulled out over 300 lbs of trash.  In most cases, the water was low and easily accessible.  Everyone agreed it was a lot of fun and very productive, and they will be back next year.

July Kayak Demo

This past July we invited supporters of LMWN to join us as Caesar Creek Park Campground Beach to try out different kayaks from the Whitewater Warehouse.  The participants had so much fun trying out different boats on the lake.  Everyone asked us when we would do it again.  It looks like this willl be a popular event for 2023!








Little Miami River Clean Up June 2022

The weather did not quite cooperate, but our 100 volunteers were able to pick up trash along the river in parks.  We collected 240 lbs of trash.  Unfortunately, the river was running to fast and high for an effective river clean up.

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to pick up trash and help at the River Festival.  We had an amazing group of organizations that showed up and set up displays. 

Click the link to view the photos from the clean up.

LMWN June 2022 River Clean Up 



The Recreational Value of the Little Miami River Corridor Report Executive Summary

The Little Miami Watershed Network and the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at The Ohio State University recently worked together to determine the value of outdoor recreation in the Little Miami River corridor.  This report presents the results of that study, which focused on the 43 mile stretch of river north of Oregonia, Ohio. The study took place from April through October 2021 and focused on recreation that occurred near a set of 45 parking lots used by visitors. Over the course of the 7-month period, volunteer enumerators visited the sites at randomly determined times three days per week to count the number of cars and to leave a contact card on each car. The contact card requested an individual older than 18 to respond to an online survey providing additional information about their home zip code and their recreational activities. The resulting data allowed us to estimate the number of visitors to different sites, their activities, and the value of their recreation. Based on the data we collected:

  • There were 836,000 trips to the 45 sites we surveyed.

  • These trips were worth $12.04 per trip on average.

  • Total recreational value for visitors was $9.7 million per year.  When trips to the canoe liveries using the same stretch of river are included, recreational value is estimated to be $10.1 million per year.

  • Across 43 river miles studied, recreation generates $233,256 per mile per year in benefits.  These benefits are $2,325 per acre per year, suggesting that public land is worth $46,501 per acre in asset, or purchase, value.

  • In addition to recreational value, this stretch of river, and its associated parks, generates $4.8 million in commercial activity for local businesses, or $111,628 per river mile per year or $1,116 per acre of public land per year.  

  • The largest number of trips and highest aggregate value lies in hiking and walking, with bike riding on paved trails a close second, followed by fishing and paddling, and birding.

  • The largest number of trips occurred in May and June. The northern part of the river, which includes the Village of Yellow Springs, Glen Helen Nature Preserve, John Bryan State Park, and Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve had the largest number of visitors throughout the season

  • Xenia Station and the Corwin bike parking lot had the highest recreational value for biking, with Yellow Springs having the third highest value. 

  • Yellow Springs had the highest value for hiking, followed by John Bryan and Narrows Reserve.

  • Mill Bridge had the highest value for water sports, followed by Narrows Reserve, Beatty Station and Constitution Park.

The below webinar celebrates this important nautral asset and presents the results of the study mentioned above, that was conducted by citizen scientists, the Little Miami River Watershed Network and The Ohio State University, to determine the extent and value of recreational uses in the northern stretches of the corridor. Click here to download the full report >>>>>

Watch the webinar




































































































































































































Make A Difference Day
LMWN celebrated this event throughout the month of October. 
The Adventure Group paddled from The Narrows to Mill Launch pulling 17 tires from the river. LexisNexis paddled on the Little Miami River on Sept 27 to remove trash from Mathers Mill to Oregonia.Pfizer was on the river October 7 removing trash from Glen Thompson Reserve to The Narrows.  They pulled 26 tires out of the river and 220 pounds of trash.  Xylem picked up trash along the river near Glen Helen on Oct 13.

River Summit
This year was our first River Summit, and we plan to have many more.
On Friday, September 24, registrants came together on zoom to listen to Bob Gable, from Ohio Scenic Rivers, provide background on the Scenic River Program and where it is going.  We then watched a preview of the River Speaks oral history video.  Finally we ended with presentations concerning lawns and rain barrels. See the video linked below.

On Saturday, September 25, registrants and LMWN volunteers gathered at Caesar Creek State Park to fossil hunt in the morning.  The afternoon session took them to Spring Valley Wildlife Area for canoeing and bird watching.  Friday's Presentations

Tributary Trash Removal - August 2021

As part of the OEPA Litter Prevention Grant, we requested families, church groups, and scouts to assist us with picking up trash on 4 tributaries along the Little Miami River in August.  The tributaries cleaned were the Little Sugarcreek, Sugarcreek, Shawnee Creek, and an unnamed creek.  The total trash collected was about 540 lbs.  These groups did a tremendous job helping to clean the creeks that flow into the river.

Trailblazer Adventure 2021

The day started with a torrent of rain overnight and a swollen river moving fast within its banks - barely - that morning.  However, our adventurous participants came out to enjoy the course anyway, trekking through Glen Helen and then winding them up to the bike trail.  Unfortunately, the canoe section had to be cancelled.  It was wet, muddy, confusing, but lovely. At each stopping location, we were met with smiles. Please enjoy the beautiful photos taken by Logan Rickert.


C2O 4 H2O

This was a 10 kilometer walk from Corwin to Oregonia on November 24 to bring awareness to water - the Little Miami River, to be exact.  A small group of supporters joined Hope Taft in her 10 kilometer hike for the Little Miami River. Participants engaged in an event that gave them 6 things to be excited about; (1) tremendous exercise; (2) in-person fellowship and camaraderie; (3) education on railway and natural history; (4) fresh air and beautiful landscape; (5) perfect winter weather - light, steady rain; and (6) innovative fundraiser. 

2020 Events

Make A Difference Day - October 14

​Eleven Pfizer colleagues, with the help of the Little Miami Watershed Network, Rivers Unlimited, and Greene County Parks and Trails, participated in a river cleanup on the Little Miami River. 

The group started at Fairgrounds Road.   They loaded into 6 canoes with tire extractors, extendable grabbers and bags to collect the trash. 


A tire was immediately found upstream and quickly boarded into a canoe.  A total of 38 tires were collected from the river, including several large truck tires.  An additional 200 pounds of trash was collected along the way.  There were a couple points along bends in the river that collected small trash items such as bottles, can, flips flops and Styrofoam. 


The group finished the approximate 3-mile trip after 3 hours at Glen Thompson reserve. Several of the colleagues that had not been on the Little Miami River previously were asking about local liveries and access points so they could come back in the spring.  Everyone was muddy, tired, and ready to do it again. 

Protect Our Water Program

The Protect Our Water (POW) focused primarily on Xenia in 2020.  POW is the LMWN’s program focused on educating Greene County residents of the relationship between stormwater drainage systems and the health and beauty of the Little Miami River.  The core of the program involves placing medallions that say “No Dumping—Only Rain in the Drain” on storm sewer curbs. To achieve this the LMWN has worked with volunteers from Xylem and other local volunteers to put down approximately 750 medallions in Xenia over the past year.  It also worked with several young men from Boy Scout Troop 68 to put an additional 300 medallions down in Beavercreek. 

LMR Trailblazer Adventure - July 18 to August 7

Even with the restrictions of COVID-19, we were able to put on the Trailblazer Adventure with a few modifications.  Families and friends went out to enjoy the Little Miami River corridor around Spring Valley on foot, on bikes, and in canoes while learning about the area through our educational checkpoints.  Participants chose the day they wanted to be on the course and received maps and instructions before heading out.  The photos we received were ALL SMILES!

LMRK River Clean up - June 6 to June 20

Due to the restrictions and recommendations during the pandemic of COVID-19, we chose to have a "Do It Yourself" Clean up. And it worked great! Total number of volunteers on or along the river was 171.  We never expected more than 100! Total weight of trash removed from the river was over 2000 lbs.  The river was clean from John Bryan State Park to Morrow. Thank you to all the great volunteers this year.  

2019 Events

Presentations and EnvironScape
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Ohio Scenic Rivers Program, members of LMWN gave 77 presentations to organizations throughout Ohio in 2018 and 62 presentations in 2019.  These presentations focused on the history of the Little Miami River and what YOU (regular citizens) can do to help save this spectacular river. 

LMWN volunteers have also taken the EnvironScape Watershed Model to schools, universities, local festivals, and fishing events to educate the public on water pollution. Over 6500 children and adults have received demonstrations on how to prevent pollution from getting into our streams and rivers. 

Make A Difference Day
On Wednesday, October 9, team Pfizer paddled a 5 mile stretch of the Little Miami River, removing trash as they progressed downstream.  The 15 paddlers removed 42 tires from the water.  They also collected smaller items along the way such as cans, bottles, balls and milk crates.  The water was clear enough to see the bottom of the river for most of the trip.  The paddlers were able to see some wildlife along the trip, including many species of fish and songbirds, turtles, ducks, herons, an osprey and a bald eagle.

Trailblazer Adventure 2019

Saturday, September 7 was a perfect day for an adventure along the Little Miami River. It was cloudy and in the 70s.  The participants enjoyed a paddle down the Little Miami River from Caesar Creek Access to Oregonia where they learned from two experts the natural history of the river.  Once they reached Oregonia, Ohio Scenic Rivers staff set up a Stream Quality Monitoring station to discuss the health of the river.  Then to the bike trail on bikes to learn about the railroad history of the bike trail.  Finally, the participants reached Hisey Park and walked the trails to learn about wetlands and invasive plants/animals of the upland forests. Overall, it was a perfect day to learn and enjoy the outdoors!

NAPRA Award and Donation

Hope Taft, co-chair of the Little Miami River Kleeners, was selected as the 2019 NAPRA River of Honor Recipient by the National Association of Professional River Anglers and with that comes a donation to the Little Miami River Kleeners. 


As Pete Ziehler, NAPRA CEO, said in his letter, "Rivers. Nature. Fishing! Escape from everyday life. These four items blend into what the Miami Valley gives us with our overabundance of rivers."


Thanks to the donation from NAPRA, the LMRK can continue to work towards keeping the Little Miami River fishable, swimmable, and drinkable.  

Protect Our Waters (POW)

This medallion program is going strong as Wendy works with volunteers and various communities around the Dayton Area to put medallions on storm drains. Over 20,000 storm water medallions have been placed on storm drains in the Great and Little Miami Watershed communities. 


Watch this Facebook video to learn more about the program. 

Stream Quality Monitoring June 29
LMRK helps the ODNR Scenic Rivers Program monitor the river.  Three times a summer, we take a group out on the river near Constitution Park and review the quality of the water by flushing out the macro-invertebrates that live there (insects in the water). These insects help ODNR understand the health of the river. 

Little Miami River Kleeners Clean Sweep June 8
We had nearly 300 volunteers cleaning up the river and attending the River Festival, Saturday, June 8.  Thirty-three tires and 15 yards of trash made up of all sorts of debris were pulled from the river. We cleaned almost 20 miles of the river on the water, and we had three groups of walkers cleaning the banks at various locations.  We want to THANK all our wonderful VOLUNTEERS for coming out to help the river.

2018 Events

For the 2018 year celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Ohio's Scenic Rivers Act, LMRK and LMWN engaged the communities around the Little Miami River through several events and activities.  We gave 74 presentations to 6000 people that live in the watershed.  We are hosting a UDLLI seminar on "50 Years of Celebrating Our Rivers".

Protect Our Waters project 2018
The Project Chair, Wendy, estimates that volunteers spent 80 to 100 hours placing 1400 medallions on stormwater drains around Bellbrook and Sugarcreek Township through the summer and fall of 2018.  This medallion reminds people that only water should go down our stormwater drains.  These drains dump right into our rivers and streams. Thank you to Wendy and all the volunteers!

Make A Difference Day - Oct 20 2018

Thank you USAeroteam and Xylem for making this day perfect!  40 tires and several bags of trash were pulled from the river between The Narrows and Constitution Park on the Little Miami River.  We want to thank Greene County Parks & Trails and Bellbrook Canoe Rental for providing the canoes. ​


DIY Little Miami River Clean Up

The 2021 DIY Little Miami River Clean Up is complete.  Our nearly 250 volunteers pulled 1280 pounds of trash and 7 tires out of the river.  Enjoy the spectacular pictures of our awesome volunteers at work.

LMR Trailblazer Adventure, 2018 

The Trailblazer Adventure, sponsored by James Investment Research and Greene Memorial Hospital, was held on September 23.  It was a lovely day to be outside along the Little Miami River corridor.  We had teams complete a course where they walked, canoed, and biked while stopping along the way at educational checkpoints to learn about the Little Miami River corridor. ​


July Events, 2018

The Paddle and Flight on July 1 was a fun day for families on the Little Miami River and at Washington Mill Park flying kites.  Thank you to Bellbrook Sugarcreek Chamber of Commerce, Bellbrook Sugarcreek Parks, Greene County Parks and Trails, and everyone who participated. 


The Watershed Hoopla at Bellbrook Middle School on July 26 had 6 teams participate and over 20 local businesses and organizations sponsor.  We would like to thank the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton for helping us put on this fun event to raise money and awareness.


LMR Water Quality Monitoring, 2018
In August, YSI/Xylem of Yellow Springs organized a full length river water quality testing float including Xylem and LMWN volunteers. 

Little Miami River Kleeners June Clean Sweep 2018
​Thank you to the over 300 volunteers who spent their Saturday cleaning the Little Miami River from John Bryan State Park to Caesar Creek Access south of Corwin on Saturday, June 9.  It was disappointing that the canoeing groups could not get on the water due to high water, but it was a great success for cleaning the river access points.  Greene County Parks & Trails reported picking up 45 bags of trash, 3 barrels, and 5 tires from your efforts.