May (2022)

  • National Rivers Day, Saturday, May 21. Celebrate rivers with us. 


June (2022)

  • LMWN Clean Sweep, Saturday, June 11. Registration for the clean sweep is open and closes June 3.  The river clean up starts around 9 am on June 11.  More information will be provided after you have registered. 

    • Click the link to register for a WALKING CLEAN UP. We have 8 locations where trash can be picked up.  We will provide you with gloves and onion sacks (to use as trash bags) to gather trash.  All trash collected will be left in a pile at the location. 

    • Volunteers who wish to register for a CANOE CLEAN UP, please click the location links.  We have 2 sections, one starting from The Narrows and one from Jacoby Launch north of Xenia.    We will provide the canoes, onion sacks (as trash bags), trash grabbers, gloves, and shovels.  Space is limited. 

    • If you wish to do a section of river with your own kayak or canoe, please email 

    • All volunteers will need to bring water and snacks (if they cannot go more than 2 hours without food), and wear close-toed shoes.  All volunteers will receive a shirt for participating in the clean up.

    • This is a FREE event.  

  • River Festival, Saturday, June 11. Join us at Bellbrock Park from noon to 3 pm to celebrate the river.  Everyone welcome.  Volunteers of the clean up will receive free food. Registration not required. 


July (2022)

  • Leadership Floats, July 8 and 22. These events provide our elected officials more information about the impacts on the Little Miami River.  

  • Family Fun Float, July 30. More details to be provided later this year.


August (2022)

  • Creek Clean Up, Gather a group, pick a date, and we will provide the supplies and trash pick up to help you clean a creek that feeds into the Little Miami River.  


October (2022)

  • Make A Difference Day, Businesses, clubs, scouts... Make A Difference Day is for your group to get on the river to remove trash and tires. The river is low which makes it easy to spot and remove tires that purposely or accidentally end up in the river.  Your group selects the date and time, while we will organize for the canoes, supplies, and trash pick-up. 

  • Image A Day Without Water, October 21. More details to be provided later this year. 


November (2022)

  • C2O 4 H2O Hike, Friday, November 25, meet at 10 am. More details will be provided. 




Please nominate your favorite volunteer or organization that has made a positive impact on the Little Miami River for the LMWN Impact Award.  Email your nomination to LMWN at

SQM Team
We have a Stream Quality Monitoring (SQM) Team that meets three times a summer to seine for macroinvertebrates and report to ODNR on the health of the river at that location.  If you are interested in joining us, email 

River Volunteer
If you would like to volunteer for LMWN or LMRK on a regular basis, please join us at our monthly meetings the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Sugarcreek Township Building.  For more information and specific dates/times, please email 



Do you have a project idea for Little Miami Watershed Network?

Please give us your idea by emailing us at with your proposed idea. The proposed idea should fall under at least one of these categories: Education; Fundraising; Stewardship; or Partnership Building.

Allow up to 6 weeks for the board to review your proposed idea.  We will contact you via email.